Calling All Entrepreneurs

So you’re an entrepreneur. Now what? We are here to help guide you through the beginning phases of your business journey. We are excited to see you through your innovative and growth initiatives. Proper legal and business advice is probably most needed during the start-up phase because that is when a tax and entity election is made which can have a long-term impact on your bottom line. Entering into business with well drafted contracts for business partners and customers can help ensure your long-term success and keep you out of trouble down the road.

Business Formation. Did you know that just starting a company online through is not enough to protect your personal assets from liability from your new company? The law requires a level of legal separation between you and the company and we provide you with all that documentation and more including Operating Agreements or Bylaws, Articles of Organization, Initial Minutes, and your IRS Tax Identification Number for a low flat-fee.

Contracts. Have you read your contract to see how your customer may weasel out of paying you or to see how protected you are? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Leave it to us at The Faulkner Firm, P.A. to give you enforceable, well written contracts that protect you from issues that may arise with your customers, vendors, employees, contractors, or investment partners. A well drafted contract is an ounce of prevention that may keep you out of litigation later in the lifecycle of your business.

Shareholder Agreements. You and your partner are embarking on a journey… hopefully a long, successful and profitable entrepreneurial journey. But like all marriages, these journeys don’t always end up the way we think they will! It’s our job to create shareholder agreements that prepare for the “what if” situations in a predictable manner so that if the relationship turns sour in the end, the business divorce has already been pre-negotiated. We also plan for the unexpected – what would happen in the event of a death, disability, divorce, disagreement? Having an agreement in place before you begin is the best case scenario.

Commercial Lease Negotiations. Before you sign your tenant’s rights away for 5-10 years in a commercial lease, our seasoned attorneys can often help you negotiate a more favorable lease before you sign.

I am a Business Owner

You’ve learned the ropes and you’re a seasoned business owner, or perhaps a 3rd time entrepreneur. With growth comes new challenges and opportunities.

Purchasing Real Estate. Your company is thriving. You are ready to stop renting and start expanding your entrepreneurial portfolio by acquiring your first commercial property. The Faulkner Firm, P.A. can help you find the right lender that offers the best terms, while also assisting you through the purchase contract and due diligence process. Let us look before you sign!

Business Succession Planning. Be prepared for the unexpected. Do you already know who will take over your business if you become disabled or die? Do you have a buy-out plan already in place? Do you want your children to take over the business but also provide for your own retirement? At The Faulkner Firm, P.A., we can educate you on business succession strategies that will protect you, your family, and your business.

Commercial Financing. Our deep roots in the Tampa Bay area have given us the connections you need to gain access to necessary capital. The business attorneys at The Faulkner Firm, P.A. have connections with various lenders across Tampa Bay and we can help match you with the private lender or bank that is uniquely suited to meet your needs.

Asset Protection. Before, it didn’t matter. You started with nothing. But now it’s time to consider protecting your personal and business assets as you grow. We will evaluate your risks and help develop a strategy to protect your wealth.

Employment Contracts. Whether you are the employee or the employer, we have years of experience both drafting and negotiating a myriad of employment contracts.

Executive Compensation. At The Faulkner Firm, P.A., we have multiple tax attorneys on staff to draft (or review) executive compensation arrangements that comport with the company’s business goals. Executive compensation structures involve a wide range of tax issues including the taxation of restricted stock, phantom stock, or other equity, and also shareholder and corporate governance issues.

Mergers & Acquisitions. Whether you are growing by acquisition, or merging with a competitor, our attorneys are experienced in advising business owners through these critical transactions. As either a buyer or a seller, we can assist with the transactional work and due diligence to bring your decision to fruition while protecting your long-term best interests.

Selling your Company. When it’s time, you need a proper exit strategy and payout structure that will reward you for your hard work. We can help from the moment you decide you want to sell through the closing process to ensure you are protected and properly compensated.

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